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Fax Services
Bring your business faxing into the future.

Send and Receive Faxes from Anywhere

Allstate Telecomís Virtual Fax Service provides a complete inbound and outbound faxing solution without the need for a traditional fax machine. This virtual service allows you to send or receive faxes anywhere in the world with Internet access and a web browser. You can also send faxes directly from your existing email program and receive them in your inbox just like new mail.

Sending and Receiving Virtual Faxes

Sending a fax is easy, simply compose and send an email to from a computer with your authorized email address, using your fax number as the subject, and attach the file you want to send. Receiving faxes is even easier. When a fax is sent to you, it appears in your email Inbox as a .PDF attachment.

Web-Based Fax Control Panel

You can even access our user-friendly web-based Fax Control Panel by going to and entering your username and password. From there you may send faxes, view faxes, and even keep a contact list of people you send faxes to on a regular basis. You can even create a custom cover page.

Allstate Telecom's Virtual Fax Service is:

  • Simple - it's as easy as sending or receiving an email
  • Private and Secure - faxes arrive in yuor private email inbox not sitting around on a fax macine
  • Never Miss a Fax - send and receive faxes from home, work or on the road
  • Environmentally Friendly - no fax machine, no paper, no messy toner
  • Lower Business Overhead - never again spend money on equipment, maintenance, repair, toner or paper

Questions about Allstate Telecom's Virtual Fax Service? Just call Allstate Telecom at 855-AST-VOIP (278-8647) to get help.